Shop Early With FREE Shipping to Avoid Disappointment :)
Shop Early With FREE Shipping to Avoid Disappointment :)

About Us

Spreadshoes is a small company full of passionate individuals who love shoes and seeing what our customers come up with in custom designs. We originally started out as a handmade company of 1 on Etsy selling thousands of shoes before stepping away from that and creating our own website but the reviews and testimonials from our happy customers are what keeps us going.

Being from China, we're often given a bad rep as making "mass produced garbage" but we don't own a factory we make the shoes in a small office and make sure each and every shoe is handled with care and precision. With 24/7 live chat and email support someone is always there to help with any request!

Recent Testimonials:

" I just want to say how incredibly happy I am with my shoes!! It's the second pair I've ordered and I'm sure we'll be ordering in the future. Amazing quality and great selection. Thank you so much!! "

Absolutely wonderful shoes!! The girl who got them loved them!! Definitely ordering in the future. Thank you! "

The shoes were gorgeous. My girlfriend really loved them. The shipping was perfect timing. Thanks! "

These people know how to make amazing shoes! I asked for a custom pair, and I got exactly what I asked for, and it turned out better than I imagined. They were easy to work with and very courteous and pleasant! I haven't wore the shoes yet because the beauty is so immense. Multiple friends of mine begged me to tell them where I got them. They were so perfect that I couldn't wait to write the review. I recommend this place a million times over if you want the most badass pair of custom shoes! "

These are just some of the feedback we receive on a daily basis that really keeps us going!