free shipping this Week On order over 50$
free shipping this Week On order over 50$


What are your shoes sizes?

Shoes sizes in Mens US:
US7 = UK 8 = EUR40 = 259.8mm = 10.23inch
US8 = UK 9 = EUR41 = 268.3mm = 10.56inch
US9 =  UK10 = EUR42 = 276.8mm = 10.9inch
US10 = UK 11 = EUR43 = 285.2mm = 11.23inch
US11 =  UK 12= EUR44 = 293.6mm = 11.56inch
US12 = UK 13 = EUR45 = 302.1mm = 11.89inch
US13 = UK ? = EUR46 = 31.1cm = 12.24inch
US14 = UK ? = EUR47 = 32.1cm = 12.64inch

Shoe sizes in Womens sizes:
US5 = UK 4 = 22.75cm = 8.96inch
US6 = UK 5 = 23.6cm = 9.29inch
US7 = UK 6 = 24.45cm = 9.63inch
US8 = UK 7 = 25.3cm = 9.96inch
US9 =  UK 8-8.5 = 26.1cm = 10.28inch
US10 = UK 9-9.5 = 27cm = 10.66inch
US11 = UK10 = 27.68cm = 10.9inch
US12 = UK 11 = 28.52cm = 11.23inch

US Kids sizes:
US1 = EUR32 = 208.46mm = 8.21inch
US2 = EUR33.5 = 216.92mm = 8.54inch
US3 = EUR35 = 225.38mm = 8.88inch
US4 = EUR36 = 233.84mm =9.21inch
US5 = EUR37.5 = 242.3mm = 9.54inch

What are the shoes made of?

The printed area is made of a durable canvas, the sole is made of rubber, and the toe is made of a high quality synthetic leather. "leather" shoe option is made of a similar high quality synthetic leather as the toe offering superior print quality.

Where do you ship?

Anywhere on earth that is able to receive mail including Russia, Australia, and Japan :)

How long before I have my shoes?

All shoes are made to order and take 1-2 weeks to be made and then shipped out. Depending where you are in the world it can take 6-25 days or more with standard shipping. Express shipping is always available!

Can I return or exchange my shoes?

All shoes are made to order so we are unable to accept returns or exchanges on custom shoes. If you've purchased a shoe in our catalog contact us within 14 days of receiving to arrange an exchange.

I'm a designer can I make money with your shoes?

YES! We've recently launched a designer page so you can sign up and upload your designs to our shoes and make your own markup.

I don't like the shoe images that you have, can I use my own?

Of course! You can just use our fancy new shoe builder here!

I clicked my Tracking Number on Canada Post and it says "Not Found"

As of August, 2015, Canada Post does NOT track international registered mail. If you requiring tracking, please select Express or DHL.

Tracking says "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" What does that mean?

If your tracking number says this it means it hasn't reached the US yet but has left our country so fear not it will be with you soon (7-15 days on average)


*Updated: April 6,2016